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Image by Paul Green


We carry all parts needed for a custom conversion and offer the best prices you will find.​​

  • Motor:  Bafang BBS02 750W  48V  68-73mm BB size

  • Chainring:  smaller teeth count for hills (36 – 44t); higher teeth count for speed  (48 – 52t).  46t is a happy compromise.  

  •  Display:  black/white or color.  500c is side mounted, most others are center-mounted.  Recommend one that displays brake sensor status such as the 500c.

  •  Brake type:  mechanical (replaces current levers); hydraulic (sensor/magnet - not recommended, instead we replace the entire lever with a wired one)

  • Gear shift sensor – cuts off motor when shifting – saves strain on drivetrain – this is an option we provide for $30

  • Battery – recommend 48W 13Ah.  Range at least 40-60 miles.  Recommend newer form factor with side-mounted indicator lights.  Must make sure battery will fit in the frame.

  • Grips – old grips might have to be cut-off.  Recommend removable replacement grips.

  • Tires – recommend hybrid style tire if riding on pavement.

  •  Light kits – sometimes included as a freebie on the motor purchase.  Available on Amazon for $13

  • Battery mounting:  recommend 4 slot mounting brackets.  Considerable more flexible on installation positioning.

  • Chain must be in good shape.  Mid-drive motors depend on them significantly.  Depending on the size of the front chainrings. new larger chains are often required as part of the installation.

  • If rear shifter and brake levers are a combined unit, we leave that as is and only install brake cutoff switches on the front brake.

  1. Recommend 20” Titan straps to provide an extra measure of security to battery mount and lesson stress on battery mount.  We have these in stock for $15.

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