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Custom Ebike Conversions and Repairs

Your journey to ebike ownership starts here. The choices can be overwhelming. We’ve been there, and we can help.  What’s the most the most affordable, customizable, and maintainable ebike on the planet? It's probably the bike you already own.  It just needs a few upgrades.

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TinkerBolt Workshop is a Raleigh-based ebike conversion and repair shop.  We are bike enthusiasts and have been building and repairing custom bikes for years.  After a first ride on an ebike several years ago, we realized how awesomely fun they are and what a game-changer they can be.  Riding a bike has never been so enjoyable.  Ebikes are the great equalizer among riders of different abilities.  We explored all of the factory-made ebikes options available.  After much research, we concluded the best ebike available was a custom ebike conversion using the industry leader Bafang mid-drive motors.  Over a million Bafang motors are sold every year for good reason.  They offer unparalled value, quality, and customization.

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We think all ebikes are awesome!  Our mission is to share our expertise to help everyone with their ebike ownership process.   We want to be your personal ebike consultants.  Once we have determined the best ebike for your needs, we can then either convert the bike you already own, convert a brand-new bike into your dream bike, or assemble and tune a factory bike you bought online.



  1.  Affordable – when you compare the specs and options, factory bikes simply cannot match a custom bike in price and performance.  A factory bike can be 2-3 times more expensive. 

  2. Quality and Performance – we only use Bafang BBS02 750W mid-drive motors in our conversions.  This is the most powerful, popular, and reliable ebike motor available.  Bafang sells over a million of these motors every year.

  3. Non-proprietary and maintainable – our ebike conversions use readily available parts.  Every part is easily repairable or replaceable.  A factory bike may look very slick with its built-in battery, but will that battery be available in a few years, or will you have to scrap the whole bike?  What about other parts?  

  4. Customizable – we can tailor your bike to your riding style.  Want a greenway bike?  We can put on a hybrid tire for that.  Want more range?  We can install a bigger battery.  Want more speed or climb bigger hills?  We can adjust the front sprocket to suit either purpose. 

  5.  Upgradable - once you have the motor and battery, you can upgrade to any bike you want if your needs change. With a factory ebike, you have to replace the entire bike for thousands of dollars. 



There’re a few considerations to determine cost.  First is the donor bike.  Have a good bike already?  You are good to go.  Want to buy a new bike for the conversion?  We recommend a basic hardtail, front suspension mountain bike with disc brakes.  One example might be the GT Aggressor Pro for $450.  Another could be the Giant Talon 4 for $530.  You can buy more expensive bikes, but you don’t really need to.   Next is the Bafang BBS02 motor and 48v battery.  This combo usually starts around $800 and can go up depending on battery size and options.   Our installation price is $295.  So if you already have a bike, all-in base price is about $1100.  If you want to start with a brand new bike, all-in price is about $1600.   A comparably equipped factory bike will start at about $3500.   Yes there are cheaper ebikes out there.  But once you compare specs, you will see there is no comparison.  And specs are everything when it comes to ebikes.  

 If you decide to go with a factory bike, we fully support your decision and can help you assemble and tune it for $110.

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